Finding the perfect candidate for the job takes time, money and experience.  We want to help our clients significantly reduce their recruitment costs and save valuable resources at the same time by offering our searching and recruiting services, like name generation and resume mining.

Would you like to save time and money spend on searching for candidates and at the same time improve the quality of candidates that you do find? Does this sound too good to be true? Read below to find out more about how we can do it:

Time Savings:  In this highly competitive market the “time factors” that are used to present your candidate(s) plays a critical role in creating that extra edge over your competitors. We research for appropriate candidates using not just one job board – but multiple job boards, which significantly increases the number of talented applicants that reach your desk.. And, then we forward only those resumes best suited for the position directly to you. This allows you to concentrate on your main activities (i.e. calling the candidates, conducting interviews, and establishing relationships, etc.). We serve as your “Resume Mining” office by providing you with referrals for the most highly qualified and sought after candidates.

Cost Factor: We are not a recruitment agency and we do not charge a commission or splits for the candidates that we provide. You don’t have to invest in expensive job boards which can sometimes cost over $10,000 to join. You have the flexibility of hiring one of our experienced and talented research executives to work on your candidate sourcing requirements either by the hour or by the number of resumes presented to you. You no longer have to invest money signing up with multiple job boards for your search. Instead, you will have a wide variety of job boards researched, all under one roof, and for a very low cost!

Quality: This is the backbone of our growth. We implement quality checks for each and every project that we handle. Our quality assurance team works in close unison with our managers. Performance reports are generated daily to ensure that you receive the best of the available candidates for review and consideration and are happy with the progress of the search.


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