Names Generation for Employers

Do you want the names of candidates that are working in the same industry as your company is?
Would you like to fill the open positions you have with competitor employees?
We guess that the answers for both questions above are YES.
The common challenge to all employers, HR managers and recruiters remains...“who do I call?"
There is a way for employers to target candidates quickly and inexpensively by using a service called, Name Generation.  It is a relatively unknown service that is worth its weight in gold and it is a service that we are expertly trained to do.

What exactly is Name Generation?

For each project, our research team uncovers names, titles, phone numbers, and reporting structures of top talent currently employed by your competitors or for other companies that are of importance to you. These “passive” candidates are not actively looking for a job.  However, they are in high demand and difficult to find and are the type of employees that you want to hire and have working for you.

How does Name Generation work?

For each assignment our trained and experienced staff researches hundreds of databases and comes up with names of professionals who meet your specific criteria for the position and delivers them to you via reports.  Based on your requirements our team prepares a list of professionals working in specific industries and/or functions and even companies within specific geographic locations, if desired.
No other agency can provide you with better results and more economic pricing as our firm.  Our service lets your people spend less time with the labor intensive searching process and more time to interview the top candidates for the job.

Advantages using Name Generation service:
Access to passive talent currently in roles with other companies.
Utilize our expertise of research and find information while you maintain the ownership of the recruiting process.
Focus on the interviews, candidate’s quality skills and personality and not on name researching.
Make the HR and recruiting department achieve goals by recruiting the best talent and competitors - employees that management really want.
Pay the cheaper between pay per name and hourly low rate.



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