Step 1 – You submit the open position to us

Step 2

a) Active candidates - We search candidates through various job boards , derive resumes which match the criteria’s mentioned in your job order & send you a daily report which contains the resumes of the selected candidates & the contact information perfectly listed in excel sheet / your database .

b) Passive candidates – We search candidates on search engines , networking sites , alumni’s etc . We send you the names of the candidates , their contact information and the web link through which we have found these candidates




What is Resume Mining Services ?

  • We  provide you the candidates matching to the  job description through searching the top resume databases without you investing on resume databases

  • We post jobs on your behalf  , filter candidates & send you the candidates which match the job criteria

  • We provide name generation services which extends your scope to contact great candidates which are not available on job boards


To whom do you provide services ?

We provide services to recruiting / search firms , start up companies to fortune 500 companies

 What Industries does Resume Mining Services work?

We have researchers having expertise in a particular industry domain . Each research has spent minimum of 2 years in a  industry domain . We cover maximum  industry domains ranging from Engineering ,  Healthcare , Accounting etc . This ensures that your resumes are shortlisted by a individual who knows your industry inside out & thus enlarges the dimension of shortlisting the best candidates

 What Geographical Coverage does your service have?

We are not constraint by any specific regions . We search candidates anywhere in USA thus providing you the extra reach where even a candidate interested in relocation to your job location is searched.

Can you provide us a trial?

  Sure . We could do a  Trial for open positions and submit a report for you.


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