Name Generation for Recruiting and Search Firms

From senior retained search firms to recruiting firms to headhunters, the common challenge remains...“who do I call?"

Finding the right candidate for the right job is never an easy process.  Generating names and collecting contact information eats up your valuable resources – both time and money. 

How does outsourcing Name Generation work?

We do not know how to recruit, this is your expertise; we do know how to perform quality name generation work that competes (cost and quality) with any of your internal resources.
The main reason why we are so effective in Name Generation is that we have trained and experienced staff that does ONLY Name Generation all day long.   And, as you know when you focus only on a specific task you develop a very high capability with very low cost.
For each assignment a new search is conducted and only those professionals that meet your specific criteria for the position are delivered to you via reports.  Based on your requirements our team prepares a list of professionals working in specific industries and/or functions / or company and within specific geographic locations, if desired. 
Our proprietary process ensures that we conduct the most accurate and up-to-date research possible. Our highly trained researchers can obtain the information you need on potential candidates and competitors in a fraction of the time it would take you and with guaranteed accuracy. No other agency can provide you with better results and more economic pricing as our firm.  Our service lets your people spend less time with the labor intensive searching process and more time to interview the top candidates for the job.

Advantages Outsourcing Name Generation:

We are here to assist you any way that we can.  Our services can help you:

  • Spend less time doing research and more time selling top talent to your clients.
  • Focus on building more value added tasks, like client relationship building and networking.
  • Spend more time checking the quality of the candidate you forward to your clients rather than on searching for them.
  • Reduce your searching cost – nobody can do this kind of research for less than us.

Whether your company needs help filling hard-to-fill positions or meet your ongoing needs, give us a call.  You will discover that:

  • We are cheaper than any internal solution – ask for a quote and you will be shocked at how cost effective it is to outsource this task to us.
  • We deliver more and better results, quicker and faster – which means more placements for you.
  • You can pay per name or by our low hourly rate. You have the option to pay the lower price – always.
  • You no longer need to dedicate a full-time resource on your payroll.  Instead you simply outsource to us on an “as needed” basis, freeing up revenue for other areas.

By using our Name Generations services you will make more placements and at the same time reduce your operation costs.



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