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100,000,000 resumes and still counting - That’s how many people have posted their resume online. It takes a long time to go through these resumes in order to offer your clients the “best of the best.” Why not outsource this portion of the recruiting process to us?  You can hire us on an “as needed” basis and no longer have to waste or have the worry that the resume inventory will be unutilized / pay exorbitant fees for short duration resume access  .  Let us help you find the perfect candidates for your job orders.  We subscribe to all major resume databases and access dozens of niche sites, newsgroups, diversity job boards, and college career sites.

Our offerings

Allow us to free up your valuable time so that you can focus on what you do best interviewing , selecting the cream cream candidates . Let us do the grunt work portion of the recruiting process – the part that you probably don’t like or want to do.  Don’t waste any more valuable time sifting and sorting through mountains of online resumes.  Let our resume mining service provide you with the following benefits:

  • Only those resumes that meet your qualifications are delivered to your Inbox.  NO MORE searching through hundreds of online resumes and CVs.
  • We have access to multiple databases. Don’t waste any more money signing up for multiple databases.  The money you save on memberships fees for multiple services will pay for our resume mining services.  Pay the same amount or even less and you don’t have to do any of the online searching work.
  • We deliver more and better outcomes - resulting in more placements for you.
  • We deliver resumes quickly and promptly.  No more waiting 1-2 weeks to obtain results.   Shorten the searching portion of the recruitment process so that you can interview candidates quickly before they find other jobs.
  • We can post your job ads, save you money and  sort the resumes you get following these job ads; as you know more than 95% of the resumes you get following ads are not relevant – we save you time and save you money while posting these job ads.

By outsourcing the searching and sorting process of the recruitment process to us, you can:

  • Focus on the interviews, candidate’s quality skills and personality and not on reading through tons of resumes to find a qualified candidate to fit the job opening.
  • Save money on subscription to job boards.
  • Get access to more job boards than you have currently - we have access to all job boards so you have access to all active candidates and are no longer limited to just one or two job boards.
  • Pay us our low hourly rate or by our performance – whichever turns out to be cheaper for you.
  • Gives you the flexibility with your recruitment tasks .  Use our on-demand services on an “as needed” basis, only when you need us.
  • Save money.  We are cheaper than your present recruitment model - ask us for a quote and you will see.

Because we do it every day, all day we have figured out ways to make the process run smoother and faster.  And because we have dedicated personnel that only concentrates on resume mining you are sure to get quick and fast results with our experienced team of resume miners

We offer different levels of Internet recruiting services.  You have the option to outsource just your resume sourcing tasks with our Basic Resume Sourcing Service or your complete candidate sourcing with our Expanded Candidate Sourcing Service. We work with you to choose the right recruiting resource for each of your sourcing  needs.


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