Finding the right candidate for the right job is never an easy process.  But we can make it a lot easier and cost-effective for you by offering you two new services, Name Generation and Resume Mining.

Name Generation

For each project, our research team uncovers names, titles, phone numbers, and reporting structures of top talent currently employed by your competitors or for other companies that are of importance to you. These “passive” candidates are not actively looking for a job.  However, they are in high demand and difficult to find and are the type of employees that you want to hire and have working for you.

Resume Mining

Do you really want to sift through 100,000,000 resumes to find worthwhile candidates for an open position?  Outsource this portion of the process to us and we will help you find the right match. .  We subscribe to all major resume databases and access dozens of niche sites, newsgroups, diversity job boards, college career sites and blogs. If the right candidate exists online, we’ll find them!



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